Faculty of mechanical engineering started its work since the establishment of Isfahan University of technology in the year 1977 with 80 students in the undergraduate major. It was the first department in the Isfahan University of Technology which started the acceptance of students at the level of M.Sc. and Ph.D. in the years 1985 and 1992 respectively. There are currently approximately a thousand students in this department which of about 250 people are studying their master and about a hundred studying in Ph.D.

Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the leading and most active departments in the Isfahan University of Technology. According to the scientific level, active and energetic faculty members as well as the facilities available in the department, this field of study has a high attraction between the university entrance volunteers. This department is generally listed as the first three choices of the university entrance volunteer students interested in the mechanical engineering field of study. Numerous student groups, including robotics, aerospace, automotive, electrical, formula, mini-Baja and much more are active in this department. These groups have more than twenty official rankings in international competitions.

The department president is elected for a period of two years and re-election for the second period is permitted only once. Deputy educational, research vice president, students vice president and industry liaison; will form the Board of directors. The department also have Director of heat and fluids group, director of solid modeling group, Director of Manufacturing group, director of dynamics, control and robotics group, Director of aerospace group, Director of engineering drawing group, student groups, public affairs, laboratory experts, secretary of department office, experts of education, research and services parts.

Since 2001 in this department there was a:

  • relatively high growth in research activities
  • A significant increase in the number of contracts with industries, academic and research centers
  • Formation of multiple student groups and scientific groups such as CFD group, the core of metallic products, advanced manufacturing systems group, the Linux core, the road and railway vehicles institute, computational dynamics group.
  • Participation in the establishment of the center of excellence for Nanotechnology environmental application

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