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Manufacturing and production field would be a bridge filling out mechanics and analytical and computational sciences in one hand and of which applications to provide an applied path aiming at application of students learning in design and fabrication of a product or service in the view of its commercialization. Therefore, laboratories and workshops could be more highlighted in this field depending on students goals, interests and motivations. Thus, the field includes the main courses of Mechanical Engineering, however, with a special look at applied and experimental courses to train students. Computational and analytical courses joined with specialty courses including CAD/CAM, dies and molds, machining, metal forming, automation, CNC, measuring systems, production techniques and composites and even more novel areas such as bio-sciences, nanotechnology and advanced materials and manufacturing depending on specialized areas of faculty members could be introduced and lectured. Students endowed by manufacturing and experimental spirits and motivations toward conversion of ideas to products could better shape their mind atmosphere and skills enabling them to be more proficient alumni. Nevertheless, keeping in mind the presence of interdisciplinary nature of field in universities enjoying from a rapid growth, there is no distinct boarders between different fields and students could benefit from and be specialized in other fields relying on their final projects.

تحت نظارت وف ایرانی